The OMG! Framework is in Pre-Alpha

The OMG! framework is a very clean and simple framework that takes many of the design patterns from Ruby on Rails and Django and makes them truly simple to use for the common cases - while at the same time avoiding the traps of making the abstraction too complete - making it hard to produce high performing code.

The OMG! makes the easy stuff really easy and helps the programmer with the hard stuff instead of trying to "do it all" in the framework.

For now the OMG! framework is only implemented in MySql and PHP. The implementation of the framework is 350 lines of PHP which you simply include in your PHP application and start using the framework.

Technical Documentation

Roadmap: For now this is the basis of most of the new PHP development work I am doing and several other folks are using it as well. I will wait to release it until a few other folks have used it and I find it useful. I may need to revise the approach as more expereince is gained and so I don't want too much "legacy" code sitting out there complaining when I want to fix the OMG! framework a bit. Noah is contemplating making portable across databases if it turns out he likes it. My personal road map is to think about adding some functions to generate more portable SQL to handle JOINs, ORDER BY, and range queries.

In summary, the OMG! framework is my very nascent attempt to address what I see as the shortcomings and failures of Hibernate, ActiveRecord (Ruby on Rails), DJango, CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, etc etc. These systems all try too hard and come up short. The OMG! framework does not bother to try to solve impossible things using "magic". The hard problems are left to smart programmers - OMG! helps where it thinks it can help and save programmers some time and energy.

Contact Dr. Chuck if you want early access to the framework.